Repetitive headaches depends of course on where and what it is regarding the individual’s life/health/emotional well-being, as all the other ailments. More specific information is imperative to make it personalised

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In huge generalisation: Head is the cognitive command centre. It is a “land command” (MERCAS HA PIKUD) that controls our cognitive faculties and our decision making processes.

Thus headaches are often used when we need to take time out ! And we must, though due to upbringing, our sense of worthiness, we often resort to using aliments as an excuse.

We train our bodies to respond, so that “Here” we have a “proof” and it will get us off the hook, buy at what price !?

The best cure for headaches, is actually making love, (also cures a whole host of aliments, such as period pain)

When we take responsibility, we need to really address what is the headache serving us, what we do not wish to address.

Number 1 check is, am I hydrated sufficiently? drinking lots of water or tea and coffee does NOT “cut the mustard” We may not be absorbing the water as there may not be electrolytes (such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium), to do so add a dash of lime/lemon/apple/coconut juice, or salt.

Be aware Coffee and tea are diuretics, meaning they increase the amount of water and salt expelled from the body as urine.

So what does your head what you to do? What is it actually communicating loudly through the land-command of your being.

It is about FEAR. fear of letting go, fear of the unknown as we attempt as a futile gesture to control that we is uncontrollable, life as it unfolds.

It is about invalidating self, ultimately obsessing in comparison with others (which is also futile). Self criticism, is the actions, leading to feeling worse, thus believing that this will make us feel better when we are consumed with guilt (Jews invented it ! Another claim to fame, and psychotherapy)

Get this, making yourself and others feel bad or guilt does NOT solve anything, it actually exacerbates and compounds it.

The antidote to headaches:
1) Drinks with electrolytes !
2) Self Compassion, Self forgiveness, Self acceptance, Self Love ! Mantra: “I forgive, Accept & Love Myself”, ”So-Ham”
3) Practice being “Undeserving” You are “worthy” just because you exist !
4) Loving Yourself, in any form: touch & tell yourselves you are lovable. Tell yourself the words you so crave to hear from others and have not yet allowed yourself to receive.
5) Get this : This is Your LIFE, Right Here, Right NOW, What on earth are you waiting for?! Do NOT wait till….. give it to yourself now.

You do not crave chocolate, you crave the endorphins, the love, the caress, the attention, celebrating your as you are, so you start the process of self acceptance !

You re-generate yourself, re-invent your life’s story, are you not board with the misery already?
This is just in a nutshell.
Live the Live You Love. Live Out Load & Thrive !