You are the expert on yourself ! Do what you love and Love your life.

When people say things about you it really is indicating about them. I always say in training: “I Am NOT Who You Say I Am, You ARE How You Say I Am.”

If it fits you can take on board their contributions, we always say things from our own perspectives and agendas.

Look beyond the initial communication into the hidden communication. Listen with your heart and belly (gut feeling) to the fact they care about you. Knowing they care about you though they are expressing their own opinions, hopes, desires, fears.

They are expressing love, even when it lands as criticism. Listen to their intention behind the communication, with your heart and higher self you actually know.

Discern and filter out what THEY think YOU “SHOULD” do ! Even if they are highly trained accept their contributions and discern and discard what does not serve.

Thank them and live by your truth. This is Your Life. Do what you desire, know to be your truth, what you will and choose. THRIVE !

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