“For The Love Of God”! Such a loaded expression. What kind of God/Goddess Are you today? Do post your images and thoughts. Today the march of RathaYatra, meaning the “Love of God” or reclaiming the Lost Souls. Lost to whom? It is hidden from our own view, the outward search eventually leads us to THE WITHIN !

Since you are GOD You are in its own images, Every one of us is a unique expression of the Divine. When you look upon the others you can choose to see the Divine incarnate or you can choose to project all that you distaste in your own self.

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I invite you to look at all with a smile in your heart, allow it to shine and wash over the others with LOVE, and bless then silently, This will touch them energetically and they will be transformed, This will eliminate wars, bring love and harmony into OUR world, with a special blessings to the Middle East.

Whether you choose to take responsibility – RespondAbility is up to you. It will quicken and propel your evolution of consciousness. Alternatively you can repeat this patterns and dramas, the wheel of Samsarah.

You can choose to step outside the script that another wrote and start directing Life on Earth as you desire for the benefit of ALL Human-Unity.

It is all a play of the Gods that we are. Enjoy it …Jai Shri Karishan, Harii Rama.

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