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Lets Talk About Tantric $eX, and much more than pillow talks !

Following the successful event, we are offering a free event 30th March & series of talks, excercises & energy transfmission, that will transform your reality & everything you think you know about Tantric $eX.
Join us. Limited places. Free event – Book now, tickets link in first comment.

All you ever wanted to know about Tantric Sex and much more !

To book your place click here Eventbrite. Limited places! Event booking link:

About this Event

Everything you heard about Tantra is true. It has everything and nothing to do with Sex.

Tantra is much more then long hours of sex, though most people don’t even know how really to pleasure an other.

Sacred sexuality, honouring sensuality & fulfilling, nourishing relationships are not in any school curriculum. Most of us learnt by trial and error what we like and don’t like.

For some, sex is a huge taboo subject that triggers many different responses, as we are not comformatible addressing this honestly and openly.

Join in with these amazing talks that will enlighten and lighten this hugely charged area, that makes up the fabric of our human world.

You will also be given Tantric practices that will transform and rock your world to the core of your being.

These are honest and straightforward talks. There is NO nudity. Suitable for beginners and masters.

Looking forward to Zooming with you in the zoom-zone.

Wish you all the Love and all that your hearts desire and beyond.

About Hanna Tantra : ExtraOrdinary Tantra Coach, Psycho-Sexual Therapist Relationship & Empowerment Coach, and Film producer & Author, Hanna Tantra Katz has been practicing and teaching Tantra for over 5 decades.

Hanna has been teaching Tantra globally, since 1998, in workshops and retreats, and now online. For 23 years, she has combined her vast Tantric experience with her psycho-sexual therapy background and Kabbalah heritage in her coaching work with individuals and couples.

Looking forward to Zooming with you in the zoom-zone.

Wish you all the Love and all that your hearts’ desire and beyond.


Hanna Tantra and Team


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