Tantra Love Honouring Meditation – Saturday Evening

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The Way of the Heart, a celebration for the senses, nourishing the soul. Opening the door to the Love we didn’t even know we had with a Partner. The divine incarnating into profound Love, realising that being honoured, cherished and embraced is the highest experience one can have on this earthly plane.
We awaken to find the essence of ourselves, creating your Soul-Mate, rising in love with all that is !
A most profound journey of the heart, all chakra tantra meditations, dance and playful connection.
Celebrating Love through Tantric Meditations. Join us for an honouring and playful evening, bring a partner. At the ARC centre on 10th November 7pm-10pm GMT.
“I left feeling more deeply in love and in bliss with my partner then ever before. Fantastic!” A.
“Totally Awesome, mind-blowing, ecstatic, has been such a journey. participated in the most incredible meditations – which has left us both in such a deep & profound space. I feel so connected with A. so totally in Love, we’ve met on so many levels.
I cant wait to go home & practice! This course has opened up the beginning of a journey we have both been longing to begin for a long long time!” N.
”everyone that really loves their partner, and those who really want a partner, should experience this magical and transformative work for themselves and for their partnerships. Thank you Hanna – you are wonderful being. I couldn’t recommend highly enough…!”NF

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