Couples Tantra, Rising in Love, Online Course Starts 6th January 2021

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WEDNESDAYS: Jan 6, 13, 20, 27
TIME: 9:30 PST /12:30 EST /17:30 UK BST /19:30 Israel Standard Time

Make Your Relationship
Fulfilling and Blissful
Happily Ever After… Again

Transform from “Argh” to “Yah”

Even when you have a good relationship already, taking it to extraordinary heights

Or you may feel you’ve lost the spark, spontaneity and connection you used to have with your partner
…or if you believe your relationship is doomed to fail

Happily ever after… that tale of times gone past, with the knight in armour riding up on his great stead and carrying you off into the sunset for you to live happily, ever after.

We’ve all heard this story and most of us will have believed in it at some point.

The idea of the “right” person coming along and everything miraculously falling into place making your lives blissful and harmonious without any effort on your part is what we all dream about, whether you’re the knight or the fair maiden waiting to be saved. Yet, it rarely, if ever, happens.

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Many of us will have become sceptical and closed off to the possibility of ever finding bliss or harmony in our relationships.

I’m sure you can relate, right?

Our conscious mind may tell us otherwise, but it’s the nature of our heart to always yearn for connection with our beloved. Yet, since we’re not taught about relationships in school or from our family home, all we can do is draw on what the movies, songs and romantic novels tell us.

Here’s the thing though, happily ever after can and does exist in relationships.
Just not in the way you think.

When you put in the work to stop your automatic behaviour, gain self-awareness, connect to your own heart space, drop your fantasies and all that you think you know about relationships, you can take an ordinary relationship and elevate it to extraordinary levels.

All of this is possible once you’ve fully activated this knowledge that’s been hiding away in your unconscious.

Having fulfilling relationships in our life matters whether we want to admit it or not. They boost our immune system. They give us energy and confidence. They support us in our work and purpose. They give us a sense of belonging and…they open our hearts and lead us to feel loved.

Couples’ Rising in Love is an experiential online course based on Tantric teachings and practices in how to elevate your relationship to new levels

Perfect for all love couples who:

  • may have dabbled in spiritual practices
  • believe there is more they can do in their relationship
  • that life is all about relationships and how we perfect them
  • ready to take their relationship to a whole new level!

You know there’s something you can do as a couple to shift your relationship from “argh” to “yay”. After all, you’ve seen others overcome their challenges and transform their relationships to ones built on connection, love and bliss.

What’s presented in this online course:

  • Learn ancient, proven techniques from the Tantric teachings to bring more love, bliss and connection with your partner.
  • Interactive/experiential exercises to deepen your understanding and connection with your partner to undertake in between sessions.
  • Delivered in 2.5 hour virtual workshops over 8 sessions. (VALUE $ 950 per person, $ 1,850 per couple – a private weekend for a couple is $ 6,150)
  • Unlimited digital access to the workshops. (VALUE $378)
  • BONUS: 2 hr private coaching session with Hanna Tantra Coach. (VALUE $440)
  • BONUS: “Tantric Healing Massage For Lovers” 2 x DVD (2 hrs) Learn how to perform the 13 Tantric rituals including: honouring rituals, The Awakening of the Senses, practical steps to Tantric Healing Rituals (VALUE $125)

Total VALUE: $1,428
Regular price = $300 ($75 each session per couple)
Today’s price = $ 178 ($44.5 each session per couple)

DATES in January 2021 are:

TIME: 9:30 PST /12:30 EST /17:30 UK BST /19:30 Israel Standard Time
Suitable to all love partners, if you have only started your love partnership or been together for decades, this is an amazing gift of love.

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