Hanna Tantra

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The Right form of communication is paramount ! This 10-15 minutes practice is based on the “Daily Temperature Reading” – DTR, though I have added couple more stages. Taken in turns, daily practice if you do it it will actually work ! It takes only a few minutes. It will propel your relationship to a whole new level. Practice when all is well so it becomes a relationship yoga practice when disharmony arises. Avoid Sarcasm, Patronising, Blaming, Shaming, Manipulating, Attacking, Judging and Criticising ! Come from the place of wonder, if this will be the last moments of my life with them, how would I rather be? Am I committed to being Right and win this argument or am I committed to the Relationship thriving?

This will give you opportunity to be really be heard, be acknowledged and being honest rather than spend so much energy on guessing, preempting, inventing stories, being frustrated and at the mercy of the interpretation.

1) Appreciations – State in turns, what you appreciate and value in the other. Even the small things, Be authentic !

2) New Information – just that simple yet informative on practical and emotional connection

3) Puzzles – Questions you have about anything from when I ask for …., and you …, When I say this…Your react with face…What does it mean?

4) Requests – Clear requests: Would you please put the Lid down on the toilet. Or would you please….

5) Concerns / Recommendations – Stating clearly any concerns, be specific, not generalise !

6) Wishes, Hopes and Dreams – This part close your eyes and share your hearts yearning. Sharing in our innermost desires, will enrol the people who love us and will empower the vision and quicken its manifestation.

7) Gratitude – Express your gratitude for their presence, listening, love and commitment to the relationship thriving.

Enjoy the blessings. Or not… 
Love and Namaste