Invitation: “See A World In A Grain Of Sand, And A Heaven In A Wild Flower. Hold Infinity In The Palm of Your Hand & Eternity In An Hour”. William Blake

1) Tantra Is Alchemy: transforming poison into nectar. Honour the divine instrument = ourselves, dance, treat ourselves as we desire to be honoured. Magnetic miracle activation. BEING NOW how we desire to be & “feel”. “You will never find a better dance partner than your own spirit!” Rumi. (1minute to Infinity)

2) Nowhere = “Now-Here”: NEVER compromise the “truth” of your being-ness “IN ORDER TO” be “liked”. Accept yourself, get comfortable in your own mind / body “skin”. Than magic happens, just like that ! Opportunities come out of the Nowhere = “Now-Here” ! Smile, declare you are open for miracles, that you ARE  the magic magnet & enjoy the blessings amassing, easily & effortlessly, increasingly. (1minute to the Beyond)

3) 3 in 1 Transformation Keys: The Fastest, easiest, most profound Keys for transformation: Breath (1), Sound (2) & Movement (3). Take a deep breath in. On exhalation, make exaugurated sound : “Ahhhh”. Et voila, you have done all 3 in 1.

Inhale= Inspiritus (Latin)= taking God Within. Exhale = Expiritus (Latin)= Surrendering To Whom You Really Are, an Instrument of the Divine. Upon inhalation hear the inner “mantra”: “ Hineni” = Here I Am. On exhalation: “Eineni” = I am Not Anything (as I am All That IS)

4) Infinity In The Palm Of Your Hand: Look at the hand as a “doorway”. Move following your hand, to music. Let yourself to be “lost” in the palm of the hand. Sense it is the hand of the Divine. Stroke your face, neck etc. as if the divine is touching you. Music: Worlds Colliding into Bliss by Hanna Tantra Katz & Lucas Manzano.

Access connection to the Divine through the centre of the palm, as it is the entry point to the whole universe, via Sufi twirling. Start VARY SLOWLY, looking into the centre of the left hand palm at eye level. Begin turning very SLOWLY clockwise to your right. Right hand palm facing down, as if giving to the earth & grounding you at the same time.

In Hebraic tradition, the “YAD” יד is the hand pointer, used to touch the sacred scriptures bible scrolls. Yad יד, from the root of “Yedah” ידע = Knowledge / Known. Know that You are No-Thing but a stage name for the Divine. You are an instrument of the Divine, ergo You Are That ! In biblical sense to “know” someone is intimacy.

5) Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

Heneni = Here Ani, הנני Breathing in

Eineni = I am Not Anything אנני (I am All That IS), Exhaling


Enjoy the journey and Thrive. 

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 49 Tantra Love Challenge

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