Durga, heroine goddess, containing all goddesses / divine-qualities of being (Maksha !). Durga Navaratri being celebrated over 9 days. She has SMILED the world into existence, (There is a saying ” When God created (hu/)man she was only joking) .Riding the Lion/Tiger representing Courage. Each arm symbolises different goddess qualities withing he:
Open Hand = Blessings / Forgiveness.
Red Colour = Passion
Lotus= Detachment/Enlightenment
Bow & Arrow = Character/Direction/Power/ Commitment
Trident = Courage /
Conch shell / Happiness
Chakra = Righteousness / Justice
Sword = Discernment / Discrimination
Club = Love / Loyalty

Jey Mah Durga Jey Jey Mah, Jey Jey Mah

A perfect song by Donna De Lory 

Thrive ! Live Life U Love

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