Do you really want it ?!

Do you really want it ?! I often ask my clients: How much pleasure do you allow yourself to contain? How much goodness would you really allow yourself to receive?! Dopamine is NOT the chemical that gives you pleasure ! It is the chemical that gives you the pleasure of wanting more !

This is what happens neurologically in our brains and the REAL role of Dopamine: In our brains, very interesting things occur when we actually get what we want to when we get what we desire ! The state of having occurs when we shift our state we are engrossed in of “wanting”.

Wanting perpetuates lack of ! If you truly desire something, then shift your perception from the state of “wanting” into allowing, taking action, receiving, “Having” !

Working with goals we so “want” to attain, All our expectations believing “THIS” will be the very thing that will enhance my life and I shall be “happy”.

We have to be aware that we also have subconscious expectations that our “subscribing thought” may be sabotaging this process of being able to allow in the goodness of life’s gifts.

We imagine we will be able to be “in the Zone”, coast though life after this….
Expectations invariably are met with ou disappointment of”it” not measuring up to a fantasy.

As soon as we receive that which we yearned for, it is like a bottomless pit. We immediately want the next toy, the next fix, even better, bigger, and more. It will never be enough to fill the hole we are attempting to fill.

The Dopamine drug we produce Neurologically, is only partly the driving force of desire lust and that insatiable need to acquire chattels/possessions, (shopping and hoarding). Dopamine is NOT the chemical that gives you pleasure ! It is the chemical that gives you the pleasure of wanting more !

Dopamine surge, according to Daniel Z. Lieberman “The Molecule of More”, (Harvard University Paleoanthropologist, Professor of Biological Sciences, chair of Human Evolutionary Biology Department) explained that the Dopamine surge actually diminishes ! after receiving that which they highly desired.

Humans sabotage to ourselves from receiving what we really want. We actually know in our being institutionally that “having” or “arriving” will NOT be the answer to all, it will not satiate us and we will crave for more.

Neurologically, when this happens, we produce more and more chemicals to toxic levels, we do not know how to handle, resort to resenting, sabotaging, judging, demonising our desires and goals, Actively sabotaging for ourselves.

The process occurring when we go after what we want:

1) We avoid, resist, procrastinate not taking the action that will get us to accomplish. We revoke our promise, withdraw all efforts. Some tense with stress, some collapse with anxiety.

2) Due to not experienced the “having it”, our subconscious is now associating our goals with “Being a Bad Person” as we have judged others for “having it”.

3) Eventually when we actually “get it”, either after labouring so much, we are filled with fear of “losing it”. Thus a lot of people reject and push away from allowing to receive, as they cannot withstand the idea of the “pain” of losing it. In the case of fear of rejection, most people do the rejecting.

So do you really want it? If so, call your coach and get the life you really desire !

Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

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