Miracles, Kabbalah, The Book of Zohar & Hot Chocolate: סיט “I Believe in Miracles…” ! (Hot Chocolate music “You sexy thing”) “Samech-Yod Teth = “סיט”, from the “72 names of God” igniting the power of creating miracles in your life ! Simply allowing the universe to express internal transformation in our perception and manifest “WITHIN THE OUT”, showing up as a “miracle” in the manifest physical material world perception.
“When things fall apart” (great book), when you are having a reaction, feeling helpless in emotional anguish etc and of course when things are great too, simply focus on these letters. You do not have to understand the language nor be able to read it, they are a symbolise, loaded with full potent power of transformation.
When you put your Attention, all potent power of creation flows there. Where you put your Intention, It amplifies and ignites the process of miracles for the Within and the Without.
All it needs is your intention and direction, it will ignite the process naturally. Worlds created emanating from the within. Look upon the letters, igniting internal processes that alter your perceptions, world construct, belief system, transforming the mundane to the sublime.
You are the source of creation (and destruction). Your intention is the “big bang” igniting power within you. Choose to received your miracles, surrender to the miracle that you already are, always have been, always will be.
Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love & THRIVE !

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