The invitation: Activate & Align Chakras, The Doorways Into Our Health & Out To The Cosmos

1 Chakra Healing With Partner: (8 minute to Infinity) 

Each chakra has a different quality that impacts our lives directly. They enhance our physical energy, creativity, compassion, wisdom. Their qualities can be unleashed & amplified simply by bringing awareness and playfulness to them. The side effects of meditating on these chakras is attaining states of bliss and accomplishing life’s purpose. 

Chakras are our energy centres that are subtle portals connecting between the ethereal and the physical bodies. They are wheels of energy acting as an access point to the Macrocosm. Activating these centres will open the flow of cosmic energy through your being. Allow your magnificence to shine through.

You can “sandwich” the beloved’s chakra between your hands, holding one hand on the front on top of the body, One hand on the back under their body, while they are laying down. Invite them to breathe into this space. 

Trust whatever is arising. Do this along the body, You do NOT need to know what/where/how they are, simply trust and allow your hands to be guided by the energy, Think and make yourself available as a “hollow bamboo” and the “divine” moving your hands guiding for the healing. 

Play some “plinke-plonke” spiritual music, to transport you to a timeless spaciousness, where there is No-Thing to do, NO-Where to go, just BEING. 

See “Secret Chakras Revealed” Book. 

2 Affirmation / Mantra: (7 minute to Infinity)

HMmmmmmm – Hum different tune, play with altering the pitch.  


Do share with us your love success, 

Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach