Breathing Love – So Ham – Ham So (Hamsa) 
Instant Couples Transformation In 7 minutes

The sequence: Allow at least 7 minutes. Build up to 21 and you can go on all night ! Breathe together whitest laying down on the left side in the spoon position.

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To make this more “spiritual” and activating compassion: breathe in the mantra silently internally: “So” exhale the internal mantra “ Ham”. Or HamSo (Chamsah): Mantra meaning: I Am That I Am / I surrender And Accept All That I Am / I Accept, Forgive and Love Myself.

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Best done as a daily practise as it balances and harmonise energetic and Electro-Magnetic resonance between love partners.

Then when you need to calm things down, as disharmony or being off balance may be experienced due to life’s play of dramas, you can simply lay down and practice Breath Love Together and the disharmony dissipates naturally.

Do when one partner may feel a reaction to some trigger they have in anger, jealousy, or a sense of fear or annihilation, or when they drop in to a survival mode and react either by shutting down, fighting or wanting to escape. This is the time to call up the practice you are familiar with as your daily 7 minutes breathing practice.

This practice really work. All you need to do is simply do it

Also there is magical music album with this name:“Breathing Love”, “Come My Love” by Peruquois and Praful :

Enjoy the bliss-filled sail of the harmonious relating-ship !

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