BEING IS GOD ! God / Yehova היוה = יהוה
in the sacred Hebrew language the letters constituting BEING are the same as GOD.

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You are IT ! You are the Miracle Magnet. Just receive the blessings and allow life/existence/blessings to flow through you and bless others with overflowing of whom you are at any moment ! This can be overflowing with joy love or emotions we are judging as being negative, It is all a blessing to someone, all part of being (human).

Being “deserving” is such a collective unconscious in the Jewish heritage, which pervades all other “Unity Consciousness” religions. I invite you to play at being space of “Undeserving” Thus miracles can occur.

If you believe you have to work hard at something then you “deserve” it, then whatever come to you cannot surprise you as a miracle. You are the miracle when you surrender and accept all that you are, all aspects of your being.

The paradox when you let go of identification with the “I”am then you just simply “are !

Even in our “disturbing” states there are blessings and opportunities for growth, We need to let go of attachment to what we “want”, comfort zone, or their “Sacred Cow” – watch out for this story…

You are the miracle so enjoy existence blessings in every moment. THRIVE !