Being Intelligently Selfish ! You Are The River Of Life. Surrender to the Abundance that You Are. Nourish Thyself and Overflow.
Most know about the plane analogy of putting your own mask on before helping others. The more you allow yourselves to have and receive, the more you can give to others without depleting thyself.

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HRH, His Royal Highness, The Dalai Lama says: ” my advice is that if you must be selfish, be wisely selfish. Wise people serve others sincerely, putting the needs of others above their own. Ultimately you will be happier. The kind of selfishness that provokes fighting, killing, stealing, using harsh words, forgetting other people’s welfare will only result in your own loss”
We have free will to choose how we use our presence on planet earth every moment we are conscious. Make sure you presence is the present for the benefit of All.