Honouring conscious touch is paramount in Tantric practices. Have you ever felt like having more of this touch by that person and shy away from another? See below short fun demonstration video teaching principles and practice of Many Handed Massage Ritual.

Sometimes we get the feeling the giver is touching us for their own pleasure, which feels irritating, intrusive or abusive, certainly energy vampirism. This is taking for one’s own selfish needs. The second way of touching is actually finding out how the receiver would like to be touched, maybe on the aura, maybe firm touch or feather like touch. The third way of touching is by tuning into the other and really taking yourself out of the equation.

Being at total selfless service for the honouring and worshipping of the other as a Divine living God/dess. A devotional act, Bhakti Yoga. By getting ourselves out of the way as if we are nothing but a hollow bamboo, bringing in the Intention of honouring, Intention for the outcome as requested or desired by the receiver, Dedication for a higher purpose, manifesting magic in your life and for the benefit of All.

Conscious touch is so profound when we put our whole total attention on the place where you are touching, it makes a huge difference to the recipient when our undivided attention is elsewhere then when our touch communicates we are completely with them in our mind, regard, and attention.

They feel held, received, appreciated, valued and safe to surrender. Elevating the experience feels sublime You as the giver have the responsibility to feel and hear with your hands and heart their needs and create the platform upon to which they  allow themselves to let go into bliss or not. Your conscious presence is the greatest present you can gift someone to facilitate a transcendent experience, where they can experience themselves as NoThing, and dissolving into All That Is.

As there is no (authentic traditional) Tantra without Mantra, that is the secret ingredient we gift as an act of honouring.

Playing “Plinke Plonke” Tantric new age music in the background works, though it is far more profound for yourself and the precipitant to have you chant or sing in their honour. A Mantra will transport you and them into a new transcendent realm, transforming the mundane into the Divine. Embodying a Mantra whether in Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, English or Sanskrit is using conscious words to evoke the sacred and open the doors to self actualisation, albeit momentary. The more you practice, the more you embody the qualities you are evoking. The words or sounds create a resonance happening in the cellular level, causing healing as a side effect on many levels:, spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and soul connection to All That Is. The words we speak to ourselves and others are so important, the words we expose ourselves to will impact our being, so allow yourself the discipline of discernment, Make sure you allow into your Being only that which serves your higher self and chosen purpose, You are the expert on your life. To elevate the experience to another height, you can practice the “ParaTam” sound healing, where we chant directly on the body or just above it. Prior to commencing sacred Tantric honouring touch, ask yourself: Am I touching them the way they want or need to be touched, or is it for my own pleasure.

Make sure you get three forms of consents at least! 1st Verbal, honest discussion prior and finding boundaries will create a safe environment to letting go. 2nd Energetic Consent, always tune in to the needs of the other! They are literally putting their lives trust and surrender into your hands. 3rd consent is at moment of touch get sound feedback! Ouch will indicate pain obviously, Many times professional measures go through their routine and it is a job, they are not present. Listen to the receiver’s “response with your hands, they are the extension or tentacles of the heart. Below here is a short demo of the many handed honouring ritual I teach. Enjoy practising. Namaste

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