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Abra Kadabrah ! (Arameic) = I Shall Create As I Shall Speak = Evrah Keadaberah (Hebrew) ! Manifesting magic is easy ! Its always here, in every moment. We only need to wake up, look and perceive the glory that we are instruments of creation, that we are the paint brush, that we are the musical instrument. Every thought and feeling we have empower our believes, and is the fuel that propels creativity/creation. We dream the world/ universe into being. We are the scientists influencing the experiment !

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Ken Wilber speaks about the “tremendously creative moments that continue to shape and re-create the world around us. But this is also a tremendously creative moment—right here, right now. There is an inherent creative spark at the core of each and every moment, within every single drop of experience you’ve ever had. That is, every moment has an element of karma (including the patterns of the previous moment, so that the manifest world continues to exist) and an element of creativity (transcending the patterns of the previous moment, so that something new can come into being). Which means that creativity is itself inextricably woven into the fabric of the universe—in fact, one useful definition of “spirituality” might simply be the ability to recognize and participate with the creative openings and opportunities of every passing moment”

These are both from Hebrew letters. 1) is Aramaic (Jesus spoke it old prayer Hebrew) it is pronounced Abrah Kadabrah ! 
2) same letters. Pure Hebrew, different vowels pronounced :” Evrah Keadaberah” meaning :”I shall create as I shall speak ” !!!! 
So your speaking this into creation ! Amazing

Say out loud what you are creating as an affirmation mantra and a declaration, in the present tense as a done deal ! Record it on your phone & listen to it. Something happens when things are spoken out loud and your subconscious hears the message it is more readily will listen to your own voice. So it’s really for you to thrive and succeed. AbraKafabra

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