Related imageA.I. Robots and Tantra ?! You may wonder. Let me share with you my controversial Tantric perspective on Sexual Revolution and Tantra, A.I. sex robots and “What To Do?” (said in Indian Guru accent)

I love science fiction. Yesterday I read an article in the news paper about AI Sexual Revolution by Katie Law about Kate Devlin’s research into Artificial Intelligence Sex Robots. So many people keep asking me about their sexuality, relationships and love. The Article shared about how people are replacing Image result for male sex robotmissing sexual partners with A.I. sex toys, The films: “Her”, “Ex Mashina”, “Humans” (TV show) and many more are inspiring. The brilliant book “Body of Glass” by Marge Piercy, (knowledgeable in Kabbalah history and myths and Hebrew as well as spirituality and A.I.) was and still Is ahead of it time !

The psychology of people to fulfil the basic human needs for intimacy and sexual expression, in this day an age, where “Social” platforms keep people isolated and lonely,as well as sexual propaganda advertisers use to manipulate sales, we all know that sex sales. All this has contributed to the urgency for humans to seek any connection at any cost literally. The cost of their heart felt connection with another human being is sacrificed for the instant gratification of sexual release.

Image result for harmony robotThe thriving porn industry is a testimony of this. It is far easier to have a form of intimate relationship with a bot then a real human being, they don’t argue with you, unless you programme them to,

A.I. do not have the emotional upheavals, as their Serotonin Oxytocin  and other Neoropeptides, chemicals humans produce. Thus all the relationship issues that take time, effort and emotions are not at play making this a “smooth” ride rather then having the “RelationsSHIT” interactions and events in our lives.

Through our relationships and intimacy, “Into Me You See”, we have opportunities to grow, evolve and thrive. A relationship with an A.I. bot is far too safe, no real connection, no real venerability. The other point is real satisfaction beyond a temporary sexual needs release. We can be starved of touch in these interactions, a form of anti climax. The chemicals and energetic transmissions that is so vital for our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, soul and spiritual nourishment is missing in these interactions.

Sure, A.I. sex toys will be satisfying to a degree, yet, “where is the Love ?”(?♪♫). When we use vibrators, the intensity of stimulus is actually numbing and desensitising. I always recommend to my private clients if they do not have partners, that, yes they can use them and also make sure they self pleasure and self honour as well as just masturbate !

The over use of mechanical substitutes will desensitise the nerve ending, You will then need to use more and more stimulus, The same applies to BDSM (Bondage, Domination, SadoMasochism), as the participation increases so does the level of pain needed in order to just feel ! Energetically the body levels of tolerance to pain increases and thus to get similar excitement and satisfaction, the levels of intensity will need to increase, the same with porn viewing, the more porn people watch the less real sensual intimate love making is present.

Tantra teaches us to have all levels of our being present, elevating love making into a Divine communion. “Harmony” the new A.I. Sex toy is so far from a real living feeling companion. In Spiritual realms, ewe often give ourselves to a statue of a God/dess. In my Tantra workshops I always say that it is far better to honour, worship and connect with a rel living God/dess.

The choice is yours. Enjoy and thrive.


Hanna Tantra