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A Gift of Love: Tantric Lovers Meditation Process In Bullet Points here below. Tantra will change your life. It is Embodied Spirituality. Use it with awareness and respect and enjoy the blessings. (The blessings happen when you actually do it ! ) This meditation can be done as individual or as a couple or a group. Working as an individual you work with your ideal lover, Tulku in Tibetan. Imagine you are sitting opposite your beloved. On the DVD is shows both individual and couple practice. All instructions are shared here as if you are meditating with a love partner beloved. You can listen to the guided SoulMate Meditation on my website or on Youtube. Here We Go:

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Stage 1: Namaste yourself or the beloved or imaginary other

Stage 2: Shaking, Sweeping energy upwards as if you fountain out of your crown Chakra.

Stage 3: Sitting, looking into the one eye or the beloved or your imaginary ideal partner. Move your spin. Snake your spine in spirals.

Stage 4: This stage practice is best done by moving your spine, keeping your eyes closed and breathing through the mouth.

Imagine your Third Eye Chakras are in union, After a few minutes move down and imagine your Throat Chakra are in union.

Move down to the Heart Chakra union, then connect Crown to Heart Chakras union.

Then move down to the Solar Chakra union, Second Chakra union, First Chakra union.

After a few minutes imagine All Chakras are in union.

Stage 5: Breathing circle from Crown and genitals, Reversing, Creating Infinity symbol between you and your beloved or imaginary other.

Stage 6: Earth up the Chakras, Crown lotus, Integration, Energy Fountain, Third eyes

Stage 7: Sit in the Yub Yum, Sharing breath, Yantra Star Mandala, Then Namaste, bowing down deeply to each other.

Enjoy the practices !

This meditation will guide you both in the process and includes step by step guidance, creating the fertile ground for the tantric magic to arise. Rituals are central to Tantra and are a tantric practice, a sadhana. A tantric practitioner needs to have their own individual daily practices that sustain and form the basis and foundation of their tantric journey. For lovers this can be profound and playful at the same time. Spirituality does not mean you have to be solemn or overly serious. 
Allow yourself to become the process, becoming One with All that Is. The great secret is to allow yourself to surrender completely into the active meditation. The vital awakening of the pathways, the profound results will arise, just like following a cake recipe. The inner secrets will be revealed when you practice these teachings diligently. You will then gain body/spirit integration and a knowing, from a place of embodying the teachings. The greatly sought “Aaha!”, is in being the process, embodying the teachings. If you choose to, you can enjoy the phenomenal benefits embody either at choice.

Who is it for? LGBT QIAH ++ = Human

Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, Heterosexual, ++ = Human.

It is suitable to everyone including all sexual orientations. The Tantric Lovers Meditation is intended for love partners. Suitable for gay, bi and heterosexual couples and any combination of love partnership you are engaged in. The side effect of this practice is becoming / the making of Soul-Mates. 
All instructions here apply to all genders. In tantra yoga, we all have the masculine and feminine aspects of our own being. 
The instructions are directed at you, whatever gender you embody, regardless to sexual orientation. For gay couples, this is more balanced, as each partner holds both genders. As the spark of love happens between the lovers. It is recognized in tantra yoga that all humans contain both aspects, they could embody either at choice.

When you are holding space for Shiva / the god/ Consciousness / Masculine principles / Active Yang qualities; the partner giving will be assuming the Shakti role. If you are holding space for Shakti / energy / the goddess / feminine principles / receptive Yin qualities; and you are her lover, regardless of what gender you are, to balance these energies you will need you to embody the polarity, so you will embody Shiva consciousness and qualities, such as holding space, presence etc. Since all humans contain both aspects, they could embody either at choice.

Disclaimer and Health Warning:

This meditation contains sexually explicit material for educational purpose only and is not to be bought or viewed by minors. It is for those aged 18 years and over only. All people involved in the making of the book, CD and the DVDs were over the age of 18.

All the techniques and procedures shown in the books and the DVDs produced in the Tantric Sex Mastery series are believed to be safe. Neither the Author of this book nor anyone associated with the production or distribution of this book, CD and the DVDs, can be held liable for any injury, physical or emotional, sustained directly or indirectly, however caused, arising from the practice of anything taught or demonstrated here.

All actions and responsibility lies with the user only. You must check if there are any contra-indications. For example in case of blood clots not to move them as this can be fatal. We would recommend avoiding the meditation completely if under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you have any contagious or infectious disease, fever, recent operation, neuritis.

If you have any of the following conditions, it may be fine to proceed with the meditation at your own discretion, provided affected areas are not touched; undiagnosed lumps, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, varicose veins, bruising or undiagnosed pain. Professional medical advice should be sought.

Please consult a doctor prior to the meditation if you have any of the following conditions: cancer, circulatory problems, cardio-vascular conditions, pregnancy, low or high blood pressure, osteoporosis, emotional neurological neurosis, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, psoriasis, oedema, acute rheumatism, arthritis, kidney infection, Bell’s Palsy, trapped or pinched nerves, or any other medical condition being treated by a medical practitioner.

You are responsible for your own well-being. Take full responsibility for your own conduct. This meditation is intended to be used as a guideline only and the producer will not be held responsible for any actions or the experiences of individuals. Each person’s experience will differ and it may take time to reach the level of pleasure you seek. While the book cannot guarantee immediate results, your sincere intention, practice and application will ultimately reward you immeasurably.

If there is any history of sexual abuse, please make sure you are seeking professional help and are emotionally equipped to deal with any psychological issues that may arise. Please ensure you avoid the use of alcohol and drugs for at least 12 hours prior to the tantric meditation. As you are working with profound energies, the brain creates many chemicals that are experienced as natural opiates and you can become high with the energies released.

Tantra will change your life. Use it with awareness and respect and enjoy the blessings. It is Embodied Spirituality.

Copyright Hanna Tantra coach