10 Suggestions for Enhancing Sex for Couples – Tantric secrets, empowering and enabling you to enhance your relationships, will result in becoming soul-mates with your love partner, experiencing ecstatic bliss in everyday life and transforming intimacy into a truly transcendent experience.  The people I work with may be happy in life desiring to enhance all their connections. Some are great in the boardroom, yet bored in the bedroom. A lot are struggling to maintain long-term, intimate or professional relationships. When people have been together a long time, they may take the other for granted. Others experience stress, health problems, or emotional pain due to addictions, abuse or affairs. Here are some practices that will emphasis making love, not war, It will also affect all your relationships. You can also dedicate it, sex magic, to achieving your personal goals, or even world peace. Make love in a way you always wanted to and dream about but never dared to act upon. Have an affair with your beloved. The best time to make love is either in the morning or lunch time, women are more likely to be aroused then. Many affairs happen during lunch time. Last thing at night is the worst time to make love as you are tiered, having done all the house chores and you need to get up early. Please remember that waiting for the prince on the white horse to whisk you away or read your mind is from a fairy tales, and fairy tale are just that, reality could be and is far more exciting.
These practices are suggestions that have been tested throughout the ages, some from ancient tantric practices and they will elevate your relationship to a whole new level. Enjoy the magic. It is rather simple, if you do them you will benefit. It is like following a recipe making bread or cake, if you miss out an ingredient the magic is missing. Take your time, in tantric practices each sexual meditation lasts at least an hour. A woman needs at least 32 – 37 minutes preparation for arousal, her energy system and endorphin will work form the extremities, hands, neck feet towards the core of her being. So her genitals are to be touched after her whole body is zinging electrified and she is having multiple orgasms before penetration. Around 42-47 minutes both partners energy bodies are tuned in, sex is no longer an act of friction sex, like in the porn movies pumping away. But rather it is an electro-magnetic charged confection, this are scientifically proven researched, we are in an age where science is now confirming the benefits to health of ancient tantric practices such as the Karrezza, a non-doing love making where you are connected for at least 47 minutes and relaxing at the same time.
There are many myths, that we still hold onto even in our enlightened and open minded sexually free age, Myths such as men are ready to engage in sexual activity anytime. The blue balls myth, there is no such thing, and a man who reabsorbs their seaman will actuality improve their physical well-being, rejuvenate and become attractive with that ” je ne sais quoi” quality. This is the yoga of relationship and sexuality is the fuel and “cement” making sure your relation-ship sales smoothly rather then turn into relation-shit. In long term relationships we tend to take each other for granted. Make effort and you will keep the fire of passion which will in turn keep the fire of love. Making love it the expression and it is so, sex is a derivation of division form Latin, the choice is in your hands… First set the scene: “Namaste”, Honor your beloved with a deep Namaste, Saluting the divinity within your love partner. Bowing down your head, even bowing deep down that you may reach their feet with your head on their feet. Kiss each foot taking grate care and ceremony stay there fro a moment then look up from the floor and enjoy the magic. This may touch their heart center and may also result in tears of joy and deep gratitude.
1. Looking, Licking Take your time to honor each other, as if you are divine god/goddess. Look at a limb or the genitals, take your time to describe what magical scene you are looking at, the skin color, for 10 minutes. Stroke this part of the body, with devotion, as if though it is the most precious artifact  for at least 10 minutes. Lick it, taste the texture and its unique flavors. This will also create healing as we tend to store trauma, abuse and shaming in the body.
2. Bathing ritual: Bath the feet of your beloved. Use warm oil, drizzle with couple of drops of essential oils of your choice, sprinkle flour petals into the bath or the bowl. Take care washing each limb, as if you are touching the body of a god or a goddess, the most precious and fragile you are holding in your hands.
3. Painting Use a finger, or a paint brush, even eatable chocolate, tiramisu or yogurt, whatever you fancy, to paint, draw or write on the body.
4. Stories Tell each other your wildest dreams and fantasies. These are great in the realm of fantasies, yet they will enhance your love making and sexual appetite. Make love whilst talking allow yourselves to talk unedited, whatever comes to your head, speak it. Play with fantasies, sing, lough, the louder you scream, the more energy you bring, Make animal noises. Tell each other what you are doing, describe in details what you feel during making love. 5. Energy sex Sit opposite each other at a small distance, imagine your energy centers, chakras, are making love, as if though you have genitals on your chakras, the forehead, the throat, heart, solar plexus, belly and genitals. Even your crown chakra at the top of your head, Allow yourselves to move, make noises as if you are really making love, fake it till you make it.  The full version will be available on Hanna’s new guided meditation cd.
6. Singing Make love while you sing a song that is meaningful to you, sexy, or devotional, sacred mantras or prayers, the more holy and sacred the song/chant, the more passion you will bring. Do not stop singing while the orgasms lap at the shores of your being.
7. In the Realm of the senses Surprise your beloved, when they come home, make them a feast to the taste buds, exquisite smells and the most divine is the smell of your own genitals and sweet which really ignites their passion, fine silks and fur for touch, to awaken every pore in their body. Sounds you can play over their body, whisper to the body, telling them, how much you value them what you are planning to do to them. Oh, and did I not mention, you greet them at the door, and blind fold them, guiding them to the place where you have prepared all this. Spontaneity takes a lot of planning…
8. Oil sleek Make sure you have lots of towel, or old sheets, maybe a waterproof bedding under. Take a huge tube of Coconut oil or other oil o your choice, apply generously to them and yourself and slide. Use your body as a body slide, use your neck to massage their body, your upper arms, your belly and chest.
9. 3 times self: Self-honouring, self-pleasuring or “enlightened masturbation”: Pleasuring yourself, while you show your beloved, easier to do with your eyes covered with blind fold to start with. Take turns, you are teaching them how you love to be pleasured. At the same time you are giving them permission to really look, most people sneak a peek, steeling a moment when they think the other may not notice. We have a fascination about the body and most of us were not allowed to indulge in healthy exploration with others and this practice may have been curtailed at an early age, if our carers did not feel comfortable with their own sexuality. You are the expert on your own body, or can learn to be. The word fascination is a derivation from a Latin word “fascinum” or “Phallus”, these were 239 tiny penises arranged on a necklace used as a charm similar to the Hamsa, to protect solders and young women in Ancient Roman times.
10. Royal Liberation Choose which partner will be The Royal highness, Queen or King. Make sure this is NOT a master slave game. They have a birth right to ask for what they truly desire, from licking the clitoris on the left side at 2 o’clock point for an hour to having poetry read whilst having their head stroked. They have every right to express their desires. The royal consort, a highly revered partner companion of the  king/queen, will endeavor to deliver the RH desires. The game is over when the Royal highness feels satiated and complete for today. Make sure to book in the diary the next appointment for the other Royal highness. This works on many levels, learning to communicate honestly, asking for what you truly desire and teaching the partner about you as you discover more about yourself. It also works on subtle levels of re wiring your neurology, where you are allowing yourself to enjoy receiving and coming from a place of abundance and ease with yourself rather than scarcity or fight and flight primitive brain reaction. T also works on the spiritual question of “what is the nature of desire”? And “who is the one that desires”? And the realization through direct experience of unity through sexual union. The name of God is shouted with more passion and sincerity in the bedroom then in any church or synagogue that I have ever been in. Happy and blissful endings: My advice is to hold nothing back, have fun see how much pleasure you can contain and allow yourself to have, we take ourselves way too seriously, and yet at the same time sexuality is the basis of our civilization, it is also the creative force and our vital live force energy, the Chi or Kundalini. The clitoris has more the 20,000 nerve endings and its’ sole (the joy of the soul) purpose is pleasure. The frenulum has between 3,700 – more than 20,000 nerve endings. Men have the male G-spot they are not even aware about, it is a secret and a cosmic sense of humor, it is their prostate gland in the gateway to heaven…Also men can have multiple orgasms. When you empower humanity to enjoy true freedom of sexuality, the churches, the Vatican can no longer control them, yet they engage I sexual activity which is transgressive in nature. When the church suppresses sexuality and forbids its clergy from engaging in sex, actuality makes it more alluring, and of course, what we forbid and resist becomes more persistent, resulting in abuse. Sexuality is “Adult play”. It is the way through to realize unity and feel healthy, vibrancy, vitality and much more.
Adult Play has purpose is for the sheer pleasure and cultivation of well-being and bonding. Here are the 7 Rs of sex: The first three we share with the animal kingdom:
1.       Reproduction
2.       Relaxation
3.       Recuperation
The next two we share only with the Bonobos and Dolphins as far as we are aware
4.       Relational
5.       Recreational (the lifestyle) The last two we are the only ones as far as we are aware that engage in sexual union for the purpose of:
6.       Religious (tantra, Mitzva in the Kabala)
7.       Realization & Remembrance (self-actualization or attaining a state of bliss)
So this is it, this is your life happening right now, what are you waiting for?
Enjoy the magic. Namaste
Hanna Tantra Copyright 2013 Hanna Katz-Jelfs Tantric Lovers book http://tantricloversbook.com/ &  http://hannatantra.com/ Article . Copyright 2013 Hanna Katz-Jelfs