You are welcome to express your point of views about any of the points below: Last night I went to see Warner Ehard talking in London ! A while ago I was a senior manager at Landmark as the Landmark Forum Communicator. It was so lovely to see all the people I trained and love so much. Such an honour.

Related imageWarner was talking about,(am rephrasing here), “epistemological” clarity, meaning the agreed consensus of people such as science, as am objective reality verses “heuristics” clarity, as experienced lived reality, without external proof, as an individual basing on their own perceptions, an objective reality. The “Ontological” clarity, in metaphysics is concerned with the nature of BEING, a reality as a lived.experience, a subjective reality. He was also talking about what it means to be human and “Who am I”.

So whats that got to do with tantra, Aha… All is perfect just as is…The short answer to the question in the subject is Nothing and everything…”Who Am I” is the most basic spiritual teaching Ramana Maharshi tough, Many other masters, Jnana Yoga (concerned about the reality of the Self, Consciousness) etc. ask this. It was brought then by Charles Berner as the Enlightenment Intensive process, (which is wonderful)/ When in Tantra we let go of the ego, (I have about 25 different definitions of “Ego”), then we remember Who we really ARE. The No-Thing and everything. Where I am space and All That Is.

Tantra is a path to be experienced, meaning practices, certainly not subscribing to a social consensus, even among the Tantra and neo-tantra teachers. You discover the “truth” of your being by going through the experiences rather then the mental “mind-F…” Like experiencing a Tiramisu is very different to talking or reading about it. Where You are the scientist, You are the Experiment and You are the Guinea pig.

To really experience the Universe opening up withing you, is profound and phenomenal though there are no words that can really capture the experience. When we allow ourselves to be touched by the Divine in the other, to see the other as the Divine incarnation and all boundaries of persona and stories fall away and all there is is Love, Oneness, Human-Unity. And then we drop back into the “reality” of duality, the separateness, the stories that keeps us in our fears and then we take another spiritual breath, experience letting go, just as the dolphins (used in Tantra as analogy), playfully leap up in the air as they are mammals who inhabit the seas. So are we inhabit this “flatland” plane, (read Ken Wilber ! ), take the leap of faith into the unknown and by surrendering our small selves, we taste the Godliness and Divine as One.

Take the leap of faith, trust your self and allow your”self” to dissolve into All That Is. no need for substances, simply take one tantra session a week…and really Know who You Are, Always Have Been and Always Will Be, the Eternal. (picture from

Hari Aum Tat Sat. Namaste


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